Style Magazine April 2013 issue featuring American River Resort cabinsWe’re delighted that Style Magazine has featured American River Resort cabins in its April 2013 issue.

ARR’s cabins are included in an article starting on page 36 titled, “Happy Camping: Style’s Favorite Places to Pitch a Tent.” Read the excerpt about ARR below or the entire article here.

One of our favorite things about the article is a word the writer, Sharon Penny, uses to describe what it is to stay in one of our cabins. She calls it “glamping.” Translation: glamorous camping!

She says a stay in our cabins includes creature comforts, “heavy on comfort, light on creatures.”

Like Sharon, people who see our cabins for the first time are often surprised by how modern, comfortable and clean they are.

The best part of “glamping” though is stepping out the door of your cabin to see the American River flowing right past the deck. Sunrise, sunset, or in the moonlight, it’s spectacular and soothing all at once. (Maybe we should coin our own word and call it “sooth-tacular.”)

If you’re looking to book a romantic weekend or just need a comfy place to sleep while whitewater adventuring, American River Resort invites you to come “glamp” with us!

Style Magazine writes about American River Resort comfortable cabins


American River Resort, Coloma

If the dirt sleeping and outdoor bathroom aspect of camping has you thinking you’ll take a pass on the great outdoors, you might consider glamping. Translation: glamorous camping with creature comforts. (Heavy on comfort, light on creatures.)

American River Resort has creature comforts cornered. For a start, you’re in the heart of the great outdoors. And when we say “in,” we mean in your premium American River Resort cabin: living room, bedroom, bathroom, fully appointed kitchen, even Wi-Fi (!), plus a river-view veranda. No foraging for nuts and berries, just fresh air and nature’s gifts…with a hot shower and a comfortable bed. They don’t have a butler service (yet), but if your idea of getting away means not depriving yourself of running water and flushing toilets, this is the campground for you. And if you ever have a change of heart about the whole roughing it thing, American River Resort has plenty of campsites (and RV hookups)!