Vintage-trailer-driving Sisters on the Fly, coming to American River Resort


“Sisters On The Fly” Brings Vintage Trailer Fun to American River Resort

Sisters on the Fly is the United State’s largest outdoor women’s group. Its goal is to help women get up, get out and find adventure!

These intrepid “Sisters” do all their adventuring in vibrant vintage trailers, each one decorated to match the personality of its owner.

Sisters on the Fly - vintate trailers coming to American River Resort

On September 29, a group of 30-40 “Sisters” arrives at American River Resort for 3 days of camping and RVing along with sidetrips to discover the charms of nearby Apple Hill.

Sisters on the Fly

The rules for Sisters on the Fly outings are simple: No Men, No Kids, Be Nice, and Have Fun! Visit their website to learn more.

American River Resort welcomes Sisters on the Fly and hopes they’ll “fly” in again soon!