At ARR, Nature Doesn’t Close for the Season!

Tent camping may go into hibernation for the winter, but RV SITES and CABINS stay open and welcoming all year long!

Tent camping’s last gasp is here! Give your family one final dose of outdoor adventure. Reserve a site now!

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Fall colors are everywhere at the lower elevations of the Sierras. Native black oaks, found in the foothills surrounding ARR, feature large leaves that turn brilliant gold. Colors are at their best between October and early December. Often interspersed with dark green ponderosa pines or incense cedars, they make great photographic subjects.

Plump acorns you’ll find all over the ground at this time of year were a staple food of the Native Americans who inhabited these hills for thousands of years before the California Gold Rush.

The deep river canyons, like the South Fork American River, that slice through the foothills feature huge contrasts in vegetation. South-facing slopes are often characterized by chaparral, grassy slopes and gray pine, but the shaded north-facing slopes are lush with thick conifer forests, ferns, mosses and, yes, fall color.

We invite you to add autumn to your camping itinerary and experience a whole new dimension of the wild outdoors.

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