Spring 2016 at American River Resort - camping, river trips

We’re super excited to launch our best Spring season ever at American River Resort!

Spring has made a spectacular debut in Coloma Valley. Fresh green grasses cover the hillsides, buds and blossoms flower everywhere, wildlife scitters and flits, and the air is clean and crisp.

And a gorgeous river flows through it all!

Spring awakening at American River Resort - camping and river tripsAmerican River Resort is open NOW for tent, RV and cabin camping, PLUS–for the first time ever–for river trips too, right here at the resort.

With one phone call you can book a whole weekend of fun, including overnight stays, rafting trips, even tent rentals and prepared meals. Whatever you need for maximum fun, American River Resort now provides!

American River Resort’s new management team brings convenience and new dimensions to your outdoor fun on the river. Nowhere on the South Fork American River can you find all this ease and adventure at one location!

Call or email for more info or book a reservation now and we’ll call you!

Spring has never sprung with such exciting possibilities here. Come and see!