Celebrating Diversity – LGBTQ River Rafting Adventures

The American River Resort is a minority and first-generation immigrant owned company, and proudly celebrates diversity on a daily basis. As a group of likeminded adventurers, we advocate acceptance and equality in everything that we do, in ALL aspects of our personal lives and business. As an equal opportunity employer, our staff represents a balance of gender, choice, youth, wisdom, intellect, and creativity.

LGBTQ river rafting adventures offer a unique opportunity to be present in nature with all its wonders; to create memories and adventures with new and old friends alike; to explore the river, to be yourself in all of your glory and to smile and laugh with abandon. Our adventures allow you the freedom to let go of inhibitions and boundaries, knowing that there is no passing of judgment, only sharing of acceptance! Join us on a river rafting adventure, spend the day wine tasting or head out on a brewery tour!

Planning an adventure vacation can be stressful for anyone, but it is even more daunting for the LGBTQ community. There’s so much to consider, for example, gay-friendly locations where you can be yourself in comfort. However, this is not a good enough reason to shy away from some fun in the sun on the river or camping under a million stars. If there’s anything that the LGBTQ community is well known for, it’s letting their hair down and having some wild fun! Give us a call and let us help you plan a fun active event or adventure in our playground.

River Rafting Adventures - Fun in the Sun for all Excitement Levels

Experience the solitude and beauty of a deep river canyon that can be reached by no other means other than raft, enjoy spending time relaxing in the sun on a sunny riverside beach for your friends, and experience the excitement of white water rapids of the American River. There are very few adventure vacations offer such a rare mix of pleasures as a day spent river rafting. Our rafting trips combine the perfect mix of scenic beauty, the excitement of roller coasting through the rapids, and opportunities for relaxation at the campsite.

Located only a few hours drive from San Francisco, well known for its liberal, alternative lifestyles, is one of the best-known areas in the world for LGBTQ community – the American River Resort in Coloma. Just like San Francisco welcomes the LGBT community with open arms, so do we at our little slice of heaven in the Historic Gold Rush town of Coloma. We are the premier river rafting outfitter and camping resort on the American River and have embraced the LGBTQ community with open arms for decades. Plan a trip, give us a call and enjoy a fantastic river rafting experience

Wine Tasting at a Higher Level - Wines of El Dorado County are on the rise!

Wine grapes have been growing in the Coloma Valley since folks came in search of gold and brought their grape vines with them. The diverse landscapes, elevations, and microclimates in this region make for exciting winemaking in various styles.

If you enjoy wine tasting outings, stay an extra day at the American River Resort and visit the wineries in the El Dorado wine region!