Corporate Retreats

Plan an outdoor getaway for your company, organization or group! Does your team or group need a breath of fresh air? Looking for a cost-effective outdoor space for events? American River Resort is close and easy to get to from Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Reno and Tahoe, but once you’re here, it feels like a secluded distant retreat in the wild.

You will enjoy a natural environment where time slows down, and your group can relax, have fun, gather to focus on what’s important, engage in discussion, creativity sessions or training. Corporate and group events can foster camaraderie, and build team morale and cohesion when in hosting annual meetings, seminars, workshops, focus sessions, executive retreats, training and conferences. You can celebrate company milestones! Hold board or shareholder meetings and networking events. Share VIP perks, award ceremonies, company picnics and BBQs, as well as employee family campouts!

The Resort offers large group camping areas for gatherings and games, fully prepared meals, plentiful parking, and comfortable cabins as an employee reward or VIP perk, and access to the South Fork American River. And, for that ultimate colleague bonding experience: whitewater rafting!

We’re ready to help you plan your corporate event to make it both successful and memorable! Call us at 530-622-6700.