Enjoy! Be Safe!

Safety First at American River Resort

The powerful and swift American River has many moods. Though at times it may seem serene, it also has its forceful raging side. Whatever its mood, the river can be dangerous to those who forget to respect the water and keep a cautious head, watching out for themselves and others.

Water Levels

Guests at American River Resort should be aware that water levels change significantly and quickly at various times of the day. Water levels controlled at Chili Bar Dam are kept low during nighttime and morning hours then allowed to rise for optimal recreation use. Please, always be aware of potential rising water levels. You can get a good idea of water level patterns by seeing these flow rate charts.

The “Swimming Hole”

In Spring 2012, we cleared brush and trimmed trees along the river edge to widen the river access area for our guests. This “swimming hole” is the safest place for wading and playing in the shallows of the river. Wading or swimming out into the river from here or at any point along the shore is not recommended.

Rugged Shoreline

Natural rock formations are part of the river’s awesome natural beauty. Take care as you and your children climb on them. Rocks near the water are wet and can be slippery. We encourage you to enjoy the rocky shoreline. It provides many great spots for sitting and enjoying the river, having a picnic or watching whitewater rafting action.

Be Responsible! Have Fun!

Caution in using the river for enjoyment, recreation or sport is your responsibility. We know you love the outdoors and are already aware of the risks and how to be careful. Bring the family and ENJOY THE WILD!