10 Reasons to Go Camping

10 Reasons to Go Camping

Need a little motivation to organize a camping trip? Here are American River Resort’s 10 reasons to get you and your family out of the house and into a tent (or RV or cabin) this Spring and Summer.

Reconnect with nature

Ahhh. Just breathe. We all need time outdoors to respect and appreciate the natural world we belong to. The refreshing effects of a weekend campout linger for weeks.

Disconnect from the grid

No app required. Unplug from the pressures of technology. Let camping force a return to simple things.


Camping is exercise. Hiking, biking, a walk by the river, kayaking, rafting, swimming. Discover nature’s gym on the banks of The American River!

Quiet time

Unwind. Clear your mind. Listen to the river, the wind in the trees, the crickets at night. Stillness in our surroundings brings stillness within. You need that!

Family time

Camping bonds family. Happy times around the campfire mean setting fire to marshmallows and memories that last. Create family-together memories while you can.

Exciting food

Life outdoors makes for fun, adventurous meals. Camp food helps complete the whole get-away-from-it-all camping experience.

See the stars

No artificial light or ceilings to block your view. Camping out lets you watch the sky change and the stars come out. Share it with someone.

Learn outdoor skills

Practice wilderness survival. Teach the message that life away from modern convenience is a fun and worthwhile adventure.

Refresh relationships

Leave the busy distractions behind. Focus on each other or on the kids. Camping creates person to person magic. Rediscover conversation.

Be awesome

Which answer makes you MORE AWESOME to your friends and coworkers?

A. How was your weekend? “Okay. We ate out on Friday. Saturday I did the laundry, and Sunday we saw a movie.”


B. How was your weekend? “We went camping!”

BE AWESOME! Make a camping reservation now!