10 Reasons Families LOVE Camping at American River Resort

1) Clean, generously sized campsites. 2) Clean bathrooms. 3) Free hot showers. 4) Picnic tables and firepits in every site. 5) Riverside campsites. 6) River access. 7) Open play areas. 8) Catch-and-release fishing pond. 9) Swimming pool. 10) 10pm quiet time and controlled entrance gate.

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American River Resort Family Camping Story

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Family Camping American River Resort registration office
To your family's relief, you finally spot the American River Resort sign signaling the end of a 3-hour drive. You pull into the lot and head to the registration office for a fast and easy sign-in. You get directions for finding your family's campsite and return to the car where excitement is running high.

Family Camping American River Resort campsite
Entering the campgrounds you notice it's beautiful here! You're camping in one of the region's most beautiful oak-forested valleys.

Driving to your site for unpacking, you hear the sound of rushing water. It's the American River flowing past the resort. As soon as the kids glimpse it through the trees, they want out. "After we set up camp," you promise.

American River Resort exploring the river
Keeping your promise (as if you had a choice), you take the kids on the short walk to the river's edge. You kick off your shoes and sit on a sunny rock while they splash each other and search for little fish to annoy.

American River trouble maker rapids
Some kayakers arrive from upstream. They experly traverse the famous Trouble Maker rapid just yards from where you sit and continue on downstream. This keeps the kids mesmerized for a time, and you notice little fish making a run for it.

American River Resort play area
Later, you all play some frisbee in one of the resort's grassy play areas. The kids notice some campers enjoying the swimming pool on the other side of the fishing pond. "Maybe tomorrow," you repeat half a dozen times.

Family Camping campfire cooking
Everyone's hungry by now, and you've decided to "rough-it" for your first dinner at camp. You build a fire and teach the kids how to roast sausages and biscuits on sticks. Then you flame-broil some marshmallows.

Family Camping kids in tent
After S’mores, the sun has set and the stars shine down through the trees. The valley grows cool, and it's bedtime. Everyone falls asleep to the calming sound of the American River's flowing water. Eventually.

Classic Family Camping at American River Resort

American River Resort is a private campground on 30 private acres in beautiful Coloma Valley. We're easy to find, our rates are good and reservations are easy.

American River Resort - Kids love us!

Family Camping is Our Specialty!

Many campers have been coming to ARR since they were kids. Some are now bringing their own children. Family camping is our most valued tradition at ARR. We appreciate and are honored by your trust in sharing this experience with us.

Everything families like about camping is here plus a few extras like free hot showers, a fishing pond and a small convenience store in our lodge.

Families also like that we have campground rules and that we actively help our guests follow them, providing a safe environment for kids and for everyone. 


Campsite availability is best if you make reservations early. Weekends are great, but we encourage you to come a day early or stay a day longer to get the most out of your camping experience. Mid-week stays are really the best! Things quiet down around here, and you're likely to nab the best sites.

Need help?

Read answers to common questions or email us. You are welcome to call us at (530) 622-6700 during business hours.